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Run by love, focused on fun and above all safe.
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Trusting someone with your baby is always a great honour and responsibility. We strive to make the transition easy for everyone.


A safe environment is vital for toddlers to practice their new found skills and learn more about the world around them.


A flexible structure is important for preschoolers. With imaginative play in a family environment, they never stop learning!

"Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded."

- Jess Lair

Easy to Use App!

When you register at Amy’s Home Daycare, you can access this fun app at no extra cost! You’ll see secure updates on your child’s day, get pictures and stay connected all throughout the day. Running late, or having a sick day? One tap will send a quick message to let us know. Have peace of mind, knowing that your child is safe and happy! Note the funny things they’re saying and see the friends they’re making.

This technology maximizes the time that staff gets to interact with the kids, while still keeping parents in the loop. You control who sees info of your child, and records are secure. We’re a forward thinking kind of place, and are always improving our environment & systems.

Easy on the Wallet

We have no registration fees. In fact, you won't find extra fees hidden anywhere here. None! Zip! Nada!


What's Included

Snacks, sunscreen, wipes, crafts, birthday parties and more are included in this daily rate. And don't forget our top notch preschool program and iPhone app, included at no extra charge!


Lock in Your Rate

Register now and get these low rates, guaranteed throughout the duration of your child's time in daycare. Rates may go up, but yours will always stay the same!


Next Opening in July 2019


Next Opening in July 2019

What Makes Amy's Home Daycare Unique

We believe that imaginations are important and best encouraged through active play – TV is never a part of our day! This is a tech free, smoke free, pet free home. We get lots of fresh air, healthy snacks and opportunities to learn all the pre-K skills we’ll need. With a family environment, there is lots of connection between the kids and with staff. We are known to have lots of laughs, messy crafts and plenty of dance parties.
The first years of a child’s life are critical to healthy development – physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Our days are organized to provide opportunities in all of these areas of development, appropriate to the age of each child. Although structured learning is valuable, most learning opportunities arise through play. Communication between the care provider and parents is in the best interest of the child, and we encourage an open dialogue. We would love to hear what you value and view as important to your child’s care. Being fully licensed through Interior Health we receive regular inspections and adhere to all regulations. First Aid training is always up to date.

Honest Reviews

If there’s any time you need a personal recommendation for a business, it’s when your kids are involved. Read some experiences from real families who have been through the daycare selection process before.