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Amy, fun! Rowan, 1 yr old

Amy has a special gift and ability to care for children of any age. My wife Sandra and I have a deep amount of trust and respect for Amy and regularly take advantage of her child care services with both of our children. Our 6 year old son Jackson is an energetic and creative child, and one of his favorite places to spend time is at Amy’s house. Our 8 month old daughter Cassidy is still an infant and dependent on mindful and attentive care which Amy capably provides. My wife Sandra and I highly recommend Amy Hayward to you as one you can depend on and trust fully to care for your children. We would be happy to provide a verbal reference if you have any questions please contact me at jon@jonbuller.com. Jackson & Cassidy's Daddy

Amy is such a sincere, patient person who is a second generation daycare provider and it shows! Her policy of not disciplining, but rather providing choices impressed me. My son who loves to test boundaries really thrived in her care. Then came my second child and she started with Amy as soon as she was old enough. One of my favourite things is how Amy teaches the older children about the wee ones and how they need to be super gentle with them. In such a small family setting, the children create genuine friendships and a camaraderie that is really special. My kiddos are older now and in school, but they still talk about their time at Amy’s and remember those times with smiles and laughter 🙂

Jackson & Katia's Mommy

Growing up in a home daycare sure gives you a real view of what running a family home daycare is like. Amy is an awesome example of someone that can offer great “non-parental” care with all the love and dependability working parents need to provide their children with the moral support they need.

Colton's Mommy

I can’t say enough amazing things about Amy and her daycare!!! My oldest daughter has been with Amy since she was 1 and she’s now moving on to go into kindergarten. Our youngest has been with Amy for about 6 months and will stay until she moves on to the next stage too! From the games, crafts, fun, learning, outside play, creativity, mother goose program, no tv, and of course the love Amy has for the kids I feel SO lucky we landed two spots in Amy’s daycare. You & your children will love Amy just as much as us and our girls!!

Alivea & Emery's Mommy

As working parents of three children, we are mindful and careful when selecting a daycare provider. After suddenly losing our provider, we were in desperate need of someone – and someone quick. We were fortunate to have heard about Amy’s Daycare through a friend. We found Amy to be dependable and her place to be a safe, clean and caring environment for our kids. We would recommend her to anyone.

Jaden & Emerson's Mommy

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Next Opening in July 2019